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PC Recovery Tips

March 14, 2014 Leave a comment

Mostly all people think that if anything happen with hard-disk , they looses all the valuable data they have stored.It causes in many cases in day to day life like –

1. Partition loss,
2. Just because of viruses ,they installed New Operating System .
3. Format

All those important file and videos you lost from your partition ,time to get them back . Here i am reviewing a software GetDataBack for NTFS , Using this software you also get back all your valuable data .

First download the software from the link given below –

Download link :

Installation Wizard will start when you click on the setup, follow all the process

Click in the checkbox abd press next

Give location where you want to install and click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Your Installation is complete now , Click on Finish Button and start the software

This is the important window comes infront of you when you start your software application .
There are some options given choose according to your case :

* If you don’t know what to do select default settings
* In case of Partition loss , Perform Quick Scan
* In case someone Format your Drive and you loose all your data then use Systematic file system damage to recover all data.
* Sometimes most of the people installed new operating system just because some files are missing .To recover in this situation choose Sustained file system damage option.
Last option is for those who want to recover only those files which they deleted from harddisk.

Here click on the Physical drive options ,select your Partition
as i have select

2nd partition(NTFS)97.6GB and click on Next Button.

Second step : Select the file system .Your system automatically shows your file system . Here I selected the NTFS at sector 206,848 cluster size 8(97.6 GB). and click Next .
Note : NTFS is the windows file system

Now it will ananlyze your harddisk

Here your will get all your data as shown here !!!!
This is how you will recover your all data

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