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Annakodi – Review

June 28, 2013 1 comment

It was a rather disappointing term, as it took five years and further delay for director Bharathiraja to deliver his next bout of creativity. As he quotes often, across the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu, many of the small towns and villages have a tale of their own, narrating their part of the world with staunch beliefs, faith and customary practices. Known to boldly highlight that which is often either taken for granted or shied away from, Bharathiraja usually ensures that he has left no stone unturned, in each of his movie. This is what guaranteed him six national awards, for his classic yesteryear entertainers.

A journey that began in ’16 Vayathinile’, awarded him a choice award right in his debut. Proceeding on a journey through ‘Kizhake Pogum Rail’, ‘Sigappu Rojakal’, ‘Nizhalgal’, ‘Oru Kaidhiyin Diary’, ‘Tik Tik Tik’ and many more, Bharathiraja became a brand name. With National Award winning films like ‘Mudhal Mariyadhai’ and ‘Karuthamma’, he brought out the best that Kollywood can deliver. Among most of his movies, there has been a fine thread of similarity, that brings out one of the deadliest plague of the society – caste bias and discrimination. Expressed vividly in ‘Alaigal Oivathillai’ and ‘Karuthamma’, the typical Bharathiraja touch has been about love that blooms and flourishes beyond societal stereotypes like caste, creed and money – which, disappointingly, falls emotionless and flat in ‘Annakodi’.

First there was speculation about the name, then the release date and then the movie itself; all this had only increased the expectations movie, for when there is a controversy, there’s bound to a success story. Unfortunately, none of that marketing worked the trick here. First things first – the film is period set, probably close to independence, which is evident in the police’s half pants. Two small villages that nurture the hero and heroine each, and as predictable as it can get, the two populus are eternally at customary loggerheads. And there begins the saga of love. Starting off at a mutual taunting misunderstanding, as it most often happens, the two fall madly in love with one another. There is a bad yet influential man in the village, who composes the rest of the story, and who gets who in the end, is ultimately all ‘Annakodi’ is about. Well, easier said than done.

Bharathiraja has always defined love in new and out-of-the-box the box explanations. This one is also an off-beat portrayal of how the lead pair influence the life of one another and change their lives forever. Set in the backdrop of draught stricken village that thrives on farmer and shepherd population, forms an easy excuse for the love birds to join hands stealthily every now and then. This delivers a definite earthen feeling, where the director scores high, as always. Add to this, there are a lot more twists in the story, than you can ever imagine. However, despite all this, it is quite monotonous.

The second half is quite a balm, but not sure whether it is because there is a much needed break in between, or because there is actually more stuff per scene than the former. The last hour brings out most of what was intended to be a part of the movie – it ranges between love, separation, angst and anger. Going further, the movie gets highly predictable at every frame, and the story is no suspense. As if caught up in a drama competition, running out of time, climax is quite sudden, but comes as an entertaining relief.

On the other hand, everyone is advancing and becoming up to date, and our dear director is no exception to the rule. The bad side of the advancement is exposure and raw details, a glimpse of which was served in the teasers. Although the government cleared the film with U/A at the Censor Board, no adult may want the a child watching it, even under their supervision. Since it is a big director’s movie, Lakshman Narayan, Karthika and Manoj are to get a big break, but their contribution on this regard seems too little. GV Prakash has done a good job with regard to background score and music, and justifies the movie to the best extent possible, from his side of work. Picture is crystal clear, so make up could have taken care of, a little better. If the teaser made you squirm in your seat, then please be informed that it was after all only the teaser, while the whole movie lies ahead of it.

In all, the movie is a hard core love struggle, the burden of which reaches the audience by all means. After all the painful wait and suspense about the movie, the output is not quite satiating; and it is disappointing that this comes from one of the most sought after directors. To savour your earthen tastes, and for your love for the director, you can try and sit through the two hours odd long story once.

Verdict: You may like it for Bharathiraja

Rating: 1.75/5


April 16, 2012 Leave a comment



A Movie Story & Directed by Rajesh M who has done the film neatly in commercial and full of comedy.
The producer Udhayanidhi himself is the Hero of the film with Santhanam making full comedy. Heroine is Hansika, Saranya Ponvanna Udhayanidhi mother, Uma Padbhanan Hansika’s mother and father is Shiyaji Shinde. With varadha rajan and others.

From the beginning itself the movie moves in the comedy track and full of comedy mixed with stunts, songs in foreign locations. Songs are all good, music by Harris Jayraj, Camera Balasubramniam, Lyrics Na Muthukumar, Arts: Jacy, Choreography: Dinesh, Stunts Rajasekar, Editing Vivek Harshan PRO: Nikil

Very neatly and in commercial and comedy fully with excellent timings by both Udyanidhi and santhanam speaks about the story. Udhayanidhi being produced many films is hero in this and does not looks like a new actor and done his part in very good manner with Hansika a beauty fitted perfectly for the Hero.

An wonderful comedy mixed commercial movie with all credits.

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist

Dhanush’s 3 Movie Review

March 30, 2012 3 comments

Film: 3

Starring: Dhanush,Shruti Hassan, Siva Karthikeyan

Director: Aishwarya Dhanush

Producer: Kasthuri Raja

Banner: Pvt Ltd

Music: Anirudh



Way2movies exclusively presents you the review of Dhanush and Shruthi Hassan starrer 3 directed by debutant Aishwarya R Dhanush.

Multi faceted Shruthi Hassan, who has proved herself earlier with 7 am Arivu opposite Suriya, will Shruthi manage to make 3 a blockbuster, as this is the first movie releasing in this summer vacation and the only film releasing on March 30th. 3 is the first venture directed by Superstar Rajinikanth’s eldest daughter. Let’s see will Thalaivar’s daughter prove her mettle?

Top notch cameramen Velraj has cranked the camera for this romantic film 3, produced by Dhanush’s father director turn producer Kasthoori Raja. National award winner and the Kolaveri boy Dhanush, who has marked a huge chartbuster hit singer with ‘Why this kolaveri di…’ track composed by newbie Anirudh Ravichander and also won a CNN best song award in 2011, will the young music composer, who already got rave reviews from music lovers and prove himself that he is here to stay in Kollywood.

Will Dhanush manage to increase the fan base from all centers of audiences? Both in Tamil and Telugu, that is simultaneously releasing in Tollywood as well.

Stay tuned to the space, way2movies. We’ll answer all the questions in a while with 3 review….


Why This Kolaveri Di Full Song Promo Video in HD

vela vela song Lyrics from Velayudham

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment

ada vela vela vela vela velayudham
nee otha paarva partha podhum nooraayudham

coming down town, coming to the sea
he is the man like shiny bee
breaking to the barriers …..
gonna come and carry us
don shout out
come get some
you cant get down, he is velayutham

ada vela vela vela vela velayutham
nee otha paarva partha podhum nooraayudham

chillax chillax song Lyrics From Velayutham

September 13, 2011 1 comment

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chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax..
chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax..

manjanathi marathu katta
maiya vechi mayaki puta
naatu katta townu katta
rendum kalandha semma katta
kaiyu rendum urutu katta
kannu rendum vetta vetta
nenjukulla ratham sotta
eduku vara kitta..

sooriyane thevaiyille vithudalama
rathiriya inga mattum inga vachukalama
thirupachi meesaiyile sikkikalama
neeyachu naanachu paathukalama

manjanathi marathu katta
maiya vechi mayaki puta
naatu katta townu katta
rendum kalandha semma katta
kaiyu rendum urutu katta
kannu rendum vetta vetta
nenjukulla ratham sotta
eduku vara kitta..

dheem dheem thananam dheem dheem thananam
ah ah..ahhaaa..ah ah ahhaa

en odhattu sayathula
ottikolla vaada ulla
patthu veral theekuchiya
pattha veika vaadi pulla
kattabomma peran ne katthi meesa veeran
muthan vechu kuthi kollu sethu poren
mayavi tha neeyum inga mayangiputta nanum
athangara moginiyum vaa nee enna katti pudikka

chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax
chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax
chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax
chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax
chilllllaaaaa….x chillax baby

en odambu panju metha
kitta vandhu kaatu vitha
un iduppu vaazha maata
naa pudicha thaanga maata
sandhu pondhu veedu nee vanthu vilayadu
patta vaanga thevaiyilla kotta podu
vetiya na sethu un marapula korthu
ennanamo pannuriye nenjukitta ketta kanava (ketta kanavu..)

chillax chillax chilla chilla chillax
chillax chillax chilla chilla chillax

manjanathi marathu katta
maiya vechi mayaki puta
naatu katta townu katta
rendum kalandha semma katta
kaiyu rendum urutu katta
kannu rendum vetta vetta
nenjukulla ratham sotta
eduku vara kitta..

sooriyane thevaiyille vithudalama
rathiriya inga mattum inga vachukalama
thirupachi meesaiyile sikkikalama
neeyachu naanachu paathukalama
chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax..
chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax..
chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax..
chillax chillax chillax chillax chillax..
chillax chillax chillax

India’s most expensive film is another Rajinikanth hit

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

India’s most expensive film ever is a Frankenstein tale of a scientist who makes a robot in his own image, which turns into a monster and falls in love with his maker’s fiancee.

And it looks set to be another mega-hit for one of Bollywood’s most bankable stars, Rajinikanth, a balding 61-year-old whose unstoppable box office staying power seems almost as incredible as the film’s plotline.

Made with a budget of 1.6bn rupees ($35m; £23m), Enthiran is a story about a killer robot who multiplies into a million clones, destroying Chennai (Madras), the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

But this terrifying army of androids is dwarfed in real life by the legions of fans of the movie’s cult mega-star, Rajinikanth, Bollywood’s highest-paid actor.

In Enthiran (Robot), Rajinikanth plays the nutty professor and his creation, the humanoid robot, Chitti.

The lovey-dovey android serenades his creator’s fiancee, played by another Bollywood star, Aishwarya Rai, singing that he will seek love in places “where Google searches can’t reach”.

James Bond ‘snubbed’

She purrs and calls him her “toyfriend”; he sings that her beauty has set him burning to temperatures that even the “Atlantic Ocean cannot cool”.

Smart lines, diabolical characters, high-voltage action and impressive special effects make this a promising Indian popcorn movie.

Then there are the lush song sequences in exotic locations like Machu Picchu.

The film’s spin machine claims that the Peruvian authorities had “refused the shooting of a James Bond film, but allowed our Rajinikanth to dance”.

The critics may be cringing, and at nearly 180 minutes, Endhiran is rather long, but the film has stormed the box office since opening last weekend.

The movie is also the product of an industry which is fast becoming globalised, despite its unique brand of cinema.

The special effects are cooked up by a Hollywood FX shop that has worked on films like Jurassic Park and Terminator.

The action scenes were staged by a Hong Kong choreographer who has worked with Jackie Chan and on the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The music is scored by the Oscar-winning AR Rahman – the songs are a fusion of lilting Tamil numbers set to Malaysian rap and hip hop, and bouncy electro-pop.

As so often, Rajinikanth steals the show.

“The two worthwhile creations of God are you and me”, he tells the film’s heroine.

At least half that statement would be heartily agreed with by members of the more than 6,000 Rajinikanth fan clubs that have spawned across India.

He is especially popular in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where film stars are venerated like gods.

In a recent article, rated Rajinikanth as the second-highest-paid actor in Asia, after Jackie Chan.

‘Style King’

“If a tiger had sex with a tornado and then their tiger-nado baby got married to an earthquake, their offspring would be Rajinikanth,” says a review in

n Japan, his film Muthu was dubbed in Japanese as The Dancing Maharaja and became a huge hit in 1995.

Rajinikanth’s success is all the more remarkable considering he has no obvious aptitude as a dancer – a talent so desirable for Tamil musicals.

His eccentric mannerisms and histrionics have earned him the nickname Style King. But he remains the most beloved star of the Tamils.

His fans thought nothing of queuing from the early hours outside cinemas on the day of the film’s premiere.

Rajinikanth’s followers have been known to perform Hindu bathing purification rituals on his posters.

The success of Endhiran ensures that their worship of the Bollywood megastar will continue.

Singam Movie Review

Cop stories doesn’t necessarily mean the hero bashing goons, mouthing punch dialogue or standing stiff. The cop can be simple, straight forward and still accomplish his mission.

Filmmaker Hari and actor Suriya, who come together after ‘Aaru’ and ‘Vel’, have laced ‘Singam’, Suriya’s 25th movie, with such events that sustain the attention of masses all through. Both have a major responsibility on their shoulders as their earlier cop stories (‘Samy’ and ‘Kaakha Kaakha‘ respectively) did raise the bar in Kollywood. ‘Singam’, which sounds a masculine title, is a pukka commercial entertainer.

Though the story may sound similar to many mass masala movies before, Hari’s pacy treatment to the screenplay and Suriya’s screen presence gives necessary pep.

A collage of action, song, romance and comedy at right mix has always been a safe bet. With Suriya at the helm of affairs, the commercial cocktail straightaway sticks to our heart. The movie comes with a huge star cast as in any of the Hari film before.

Besides Suriya, it has Anushka, Vivek, Prakash Raj, Nasser, Sumitha, Manorama, Vijayakumar, Bose Venkat and ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi to name a few in the cast.

The movie tells the tale of a simple and sincere police officer Duraisingam alias Singam (Suriya), a sub inspector in Nallur in Tuticorin district. He wants to run the family business – running a provision shop and convert it to a huge departmental store. But his father (Radha Ravi) fantasizes him to become a cop. He lives up to his father’s words and becomes a sub-inspector in the local police station.

An amiable family, Singam lives at peace with everyone. Obviously their family is respected a lot in the village. Enters Kavya (Anushka), on a vacation to the village to her grandparents’ house. She comes across Singam and his upright manner and righteous nature attracts her. It’s romance between them.

There is ‘Eatu’ Erimalai (Vivek), who works as a head constable in the police station. Fate now enters in the form of Mayilvaganan (Prakash Raj), a dreaded baddie in Chennai who is into evil acts to make money. He is aided by his brother Vaikundan (Aadhi). He bumps off an old man in Nallur village when he denies parting with money demanded by him.

The old man was constructing a house in the village thanks to his sons’ money from abroad. His death has severe repercussions as his sons shoot a mail on the death to the embassy. This leaves in the arrest of Mayivaganan, who manages to get a conditional bail that he has to appear at Nallur police station and sign everyday.

Mayilvaganan comes face to face with Singam and his upright ways increases his wrath. He uses his might to get Singam promoted as inspector and brings him to Chennai. It’s now a cat and mouse game between Singam and Mayilvaganan.

Singam comes across another side of Mayilvaganan – that he runs a kidnap racket and gets away with ransom. By bringing to books the nasty side of Mayilvaganan, the Home Minister (Vijayakumar) promotes him as ACP –Anti Corruption Squad operations. Meanwhile Singam’s chase begins. How he accomplishes his mission forms the climax to a movie that begins in Nallur, (TN) and ends in Nellore, (AP).

Its out-and-out Suiriya show. He plays a cop who is in total contrast to Anbu Selvan in ‘Kaakha Kaakha’. If Anbu was stiff and serious, Singam is cool but furious. The latter is friendly and has strings in his culture. Suriya is flawless in his expressions and delivers his best body language.

Anushka is more than a regular heroine here. She romances with Suriya and got a few scenes to perform too. Prakash Raj is the scene-stealer back to do what he knows the best. He is menacing with his eyes and does a good role that he has done many a time before. Vivek as head constable evokes laughter.

Devi Sri Prasad‘s racy music is another highlight. His fast songs compliment the swift screenplay. Priyan’s cinematography is cool and pleasant.

Due credit goes to Hari. The man in his 10th film has given a movie that has his stamp in the form of an entertaining and engrossing screenplay. Unlike his earlier films where there would be wild chase and men all over with aruvals, ‘Singam’ comes with a difference.

Produced by Gnanavel Raja and presented by Sun Pictures, ‘Singam’ is the king of the masses, who love action and commercial films.


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