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Step-by-Step guide to Facebook Conversion Tracking

Step 1: Once you log in to your ‘Ads Manager’ tab, click on the Conversion Tracking button on the left side bar.


Step 2: Then click on the ‘Create Conversion Pixel’ tab to begin the process.


Step 3: You will be directed to this pop-up, which will ask you for a:

1. Name: An appropriate name will help you remember what you are tracking. (Example: Lead Generation – GATE Ad)

2. Category: This will help you decide the type of action that you want to track on your site. You can choose from the following:

1. Checkouts

2. Registrations

3. Leads

4. Key Page Views

5. Adds to Cart

6. Other Website Conversions

(For the purpose of this example, we have selected ‘Leads’).


Step 4: You will be able to see a pop-up window with a JavaScript code. This is the code that you will have to add to the page where the conversion will happen. This will let you track the conversions back to ads which you are running on Facebook.


The code should be placed on the page that a user will finally see when the transaction is complete.

Here is the tricky part. The code should not go on all pages. For that matter, it should not even go to the landing page of your product. The code should be placed on the page that a user will finally see when the transaction is complete.

For Example: If you want to track when students register for your GATE coaching, paste the code on the registration confirmation page/thank you page and not on the form that they need to submit.

How do you confirm that your conversion is working properly?

1. Check that the javascript snippet has been placed on the correct conversion page. Visit the page where the pixel has been embedded, right click and go to ‘View Page Source’ to find the pixel. The code should have the tag of the HTML. See image below.


2. Check that Facebook is receiving the conversion events from your website. Go to the conversion tracking tab in your Ads Manager account. There you will see a list of the conversion tracking pixels that you have created. If the conversion tracking pixel has been successfully implemented and a conversion event has been recorded, it will be reflected in the Pixel Status column. If the status shows active, it means that the page which contains the pixel has been viewed by users. If it shows inactive, it means that over the last 24 hours, the page with the pixel has not been viewed.


3.Later, when you  create your Facebook ad , you need to check the track conversions box under the campaign, pricing and schedule tab to enable tracking.


Google Internet Bus Comes to India –

February 5, 2009 Leave a comment

The Internet towns and cities is an attempt educate people about what the Internet is, and how it may be beneficial to their lives, by taking the Internet experience to them through a customised Internet-enabled bus, which will travel to several towns and cities across India.

Lionsgate nabs Sundance standout “Push”

February 3, 2009 1 comment

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Lionsgate has acquired North American rights to “Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire,” the inner-city drama that took the grand jury and audience prizes at the Sundance Film Festival last month. Directed by Lee Daniels from a screenplay by Damien Paul, the film earned raves for the performances of Mo’Nique and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe. It centers on an illiterate teen who is abused by her parents but gets a second chance when she enrolls in an alternative school. The movie marks the sophomore directing effort of Daniels, best known for producing 2001’s “Monster’s Ball,” which Lionsgate also released. Filmmaker Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey will serve as presenting entities for “Push” via their production companies — respectively, 34th Street Films and Harpo. Both parties will support the release, Lionsgate said.

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Sri Lanka: Rebel command center seized

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

The Sri Lankan government said Thursday it has made more inroads into the remaining territory held by ethnic Tamil Tiger rebels after troops seized their command center in the north of the country.

Sri Lankan workers bury the bodies of some 38 suspected Tamil Tiger rebels killed in recent fighting.

Sri Lankan workers bury the bodies of some 38 suspected Tamil Tiger rebels killed in recent fighting.

The defense ministry’s announcement, also reported by the country’s Lankapuvath national news agency, could not be independently verified.

Military jets pounded the rebel’s “transit camp” in the district of Mullaittivu Wednesday evening, the agency said.

The defense ministry said rebels were firing at and killing civilians who were trying to flee the fighting.

“In the face of humiliating defeat, LTTE terrorists are tailoring a civilian tragedy,” it said on its Web site.

The LTTE, or the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, are commonly known as the Tamil Tigers. They have fought for an independent homeland for the country’s Tamil minority since 1983 in a civil war has left more than 65,000 people dead.

In recent days, the military has made significant progress in its campaign to recapture rebel strongholds.

Earlier this month, troops regained control of the northern town of Elephant Pass, the point at which mainland Sri Lanka links to the northern Jaffna peninsula. It had been in rebel hands for more than nine years.

The re-capture enabled the government to use a highway linking the mainland to the peninsula to move troops and supplies. Previously, it was done by air and sea.

Gates Foundation pledges $255m for polio fight

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

The Gates Foundation is pledging $255 million to help eradicate polio around the world.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is donating $255 million to help eradicate polio.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is donating $255 million to help eradicate polio.

The money will go to Rotary International as a “challenge grant” that it hopes to match with a further $100 million raised by its members over the next three years, the foundation announced late Wednesday.

Rotary’s Global Polio Eradication Initiative says it has reduced the number of global polio cases by 99 percent in the past two decades, bringing the number from 350,000 to just 1,600 last year.

In addition to the money from the Gates Foundation, the United Kingdom is giving $150 million to the initiative and Germany is donating $130 million, the foundation announced.

“With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we are on the brink of eradicating one of the most feared diseases in the world,” said Jonathan Majiyagbe, chair of the Rotary Foundation. “This shared commitment of Rotary and the Gates Foundation should encourage governments and non-governmental organizations to ensure that resources and the will of the world are available to end polio once and for all.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was started by the Microsoft founder and his wife to battle hunger and poverty.

Polio is an infectious disease carried by the poliovirus. It causes motor paralysis and atrophy of skeletal muscles, often causing permanent disability and deformity.

The disease has been completely eliminated in the Americas, the Western Pacific and Europe, but the polio virus persists in Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan. Imported cases from these countries threaten other developing nations.

Access to vaccines and vaccine effectiveness are the biggest problems in fighting the disease.

The money donated to the polio initiative will be used to sponsor immunization days for children, extra vaccinations in high-risk areas, research into new vaccines and more surveillance to detect outbreaks before they spread, Rotary said.

Huawei bringing Android smartphone to next month’s MWC

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

We already knew Huawei’s gearing up to enter the Android smartphone market — at least in Australia — and now the company has confirmed plans to show its first device at February’s Mobile World Congress.images2 Unfortunately we don’t know much else at the moment, but we expect to shed some more light on this next month. Additionally, the company says it’ll be showing the world’s smallest modem, the world’s first commercial HSPA+ Stick, and a new digital photo display, among other surprises. We’re hoping those known unknowns turn out to be more Android phones, but something tells us they wouldn’t be so coy with that.

Symonds entering ‘final chapter’ of career

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Andrew Symonds has said retirement is not on his immediate radar but he does believe he is entering the “final chapter” of his cricket career. Symonds, 33, is likely to line up for Queensland next week as he returns following knee surgery, if his comeback for his club side on the weekend goes to plan.

He will be preparing for February’s tour of South Africa, where he will be without his great mate Matthew Hayden, who retired following the home Test series. Symonds took a trip to Hayden’s holiday house on Stradbroke Island to see how his friend was handling retirement.

“I went over to Straddie and saw him a couple of days ago, he’s very relaxed,” Symonds told AAP. However, Symonds said Hayden’s situation had not yet sparked retirement thoughts of his own.

“The day that I am worn out either physically or mentally I will just say ‘that will do me’,” he said. “I haven’t put a time limit as to when I finish playing. Hopefully I can go on my terms rather than injury or lack of form. There’s only so many tokens left. Hopefully I can use them effectively and have a good end to my career.”

The finish looked like it might have been forced upon him after his fishing trip in Darwin in August, when he was stood down from the national squad. He missed the tour of India but returned for the home summer and he is aiming to now look forward rather than back.

“Hopefully I can leave the past behind me, we can make this a new chapter,” Symonds said. “I feel like this is the final chapter of my cricketing career coming up so hopefully I can play some good cricket, finish well and look back on my career which has been interesting but also very enjoyable.”

Symonds will not bowl in his comeback state match as he keeps an eye on his knee. However he has ruled out giving up bowling in an effort to prolong his career as a batsman only. 313309

“I don’t play cricket like that,” he said. “I think I need to be able to bowl to be at my most effective, and I need to be mobile in the field. This has been a good time to freshen up again, clear the mind and give the body a rest, I feel good.”

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