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How to Install PHP Manager for IIS on Windows 7

Installing PHP Manager For IIS

For manual Installation PHP Manager For IIS :

Or you can Install PHP Manager For IIS using the Microsoft Web Platform (Web PI).

  1. Double click Web PI installer (*.exe file, example : wpilauncher_3_10.exe), and then search “PHP Manager for IIS” in the “Search” text field. You will see a window that looks like this :


  2. Click “Add” button beside PHP Manager for IIS, and then click the “Install” button at the bottom of the screen.

  3. On the next window click the “I Accept” button.

  4. The next step, please wait for the finished installation.

  5. To complete the installation process, click the “Finish” button.

Configuring PHP Manager for IIS

  1. Open PHP Manager for IIS, Click the Windows Start Menu, type “IIS Manager” in the “Search programs and fields” text field and then press Enter on the keyboard.


  2. On the window “Internet Information Service (IIS Manager)”, Find the “PHP Manager” feature, see the below image :


  3. Click on “Register new PHP version” task and then provide the full path to the location of the main php executable file: php-cgi.exe (Example : C:\Program Files\PHP\v5.3\php-cgi.exe).



  4. Click on “Check phpinfo()”, and then click the “Ok” button.


  5. If you will see the below page , then your PHP works fine.


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