Add New Twitter Share Button In Your WordPress Blog

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Hi Friends, Recently Twitter has released new twitter share buttons to share stories on twitter like Tweetmeme , So I have integrate it in my wordpress blog via using sharethis service. Today I got one mail by shrethis that they are providing twitter button services, So I have checked their tutorials and integrated twitter tweet button in my blog, You can see that button in this post top in social networking icons area in center. So I thought that It would be good if I share this on my site, So this can help anyone.

First you have to register with sharethis  . After register just login to get your unique publisher key. When you logged in sharethis you will see your unique publisher key at right side top. Just copy it because we need to enter this publisher key to show twitter button. Now below is the code by which you can show new twitter tweet buttons on your website.


// <!–[CDATA[–>
javascript” src=””&gt;
// ]]>
<script type=”text/javascript”>

Now as you see in the above code, green part is for facebook  count button, means If you want to show facebook count also then you should have green part else you can remove it. Now number in RED, Just replace it with your publisher key which you got after logged into sharethis.Save your file and enjoy new twitter tweet button.

Let me know if you have any problem with this, I can try to solve it out.

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