Naan Mahan Alla Movie Review

NAAN MAGAN ALLA Naan magan alla is an intense thriller. Keeps us at the edge of our seats through out. The film has a very simple storyline but the making is what that makes it a must watch.

The film starts off by showing a group of college students indulging in anti-social activities. They take drugs and even rape a girl. Then jeeva (karthi) life is shown. He hails from a middle class family. His father is a call taxi driver, mother’s a housewife and has a sister too. He is unemployed. In a marriage he see’s priya (kajal agarwal) and instantly falls in love with her. She also starts loving him in a while. There love goes smoothly for a sometime. Then her father comes to know about their love. Jeeva immediately meets her father and talks about their love. But priya’s father doesn’t get convinced. So he tries to warn karthi with his hardcore rowdy friend. On the other hand the group of college students end up murdering a girl and they cut her body into pieces throw it away. Then the life of jeeva and the college students collide and what happens next is for you to watch.

The film has good music by yuvan shankar raja. Good acting by the group of college students. They are good finds. This film is not usual run of the mill kind. It has a realistic feel. Karthi has acted well. In the first half he makes us laugh at a number of places. Kajal agarwal is sure to make an impression this time. She looks very charming in the film. Jayaprakash is turning out to be a very good character artist. Hope the film creates an awareness among young lovers. Thanks to the director for a different kind of a film. Hope to see more such stuff from him. The film has good cinematography. On the whole the film is a must watch.

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