India still have a chance to make the semis

Two heavy defeats in the Super Eight stage against Australia and West Indies have put the ‘Men in Blue’ on the brink of ouster from the World T20. But all is not lost for Dhoni’s men as there exists still a mathematical chance for them to gatecrash into the semi-finals after Australia’s 81-run thrashing of the Lankans.

But for India to make it through, they not only have to perform out of their skins against Sri Lanka, but would also have to depend on the rampaging Aussies to do them a favour by defeating West Indies. Here is a look at the current position of the teams and what do they need to do right, to make the semis.

India (Played: 2, Won: 0, Lost: 2, RR: -1.575)

India have presently conceded 63 more runs than they have scored and thus they have a run rate issue at their hands. Sri Lanka after their heavy loss to Australia now have a deficit of 24 runs. So for India to make the grade, they would have to beat the ‘Islanders’ by a margin of 20 runs or more for them to get ahead. In case India chase in their final match and Sri Lanka scores a par score of 160 runs, then M S Dhoni’s boys will have to reach their target in a little more than 17 overs.

Sri Lanka (Played: 2, Won: 1, Lost: 1, RR: -0.600)

Sri Lanka were looking good after their win over the Windies, but a terrible loss at the hands of the Aussies mean they have their task cut-out against India. The best possiblity for them is if they beat India and West Indies is beaten by Australia. In that case Australia and Sri Lanka go through on points. But if they lose to India by a margin of more than 20 runs, then their run-rate goes under India’s.
Presently Sri Lanka is ahead of West Indies on net run-rate as they have conceded 24 runs more than they have scored , while the Windies have given away 43 more runs. So if West Indies are able to beat Australia by a margin that upsets the the present scenario, then the hosts will be through.

Australia (Played: 2, Won: 2, Lost: 0, RR: +3.250)

The best team in the group, Australia have scored massive wins against both India and Sri Lanka and that has virtually put them through to the semis. Only a disastrous performance against the Windies and a big win for the Lankans against India can put them out of the semi-finals. They have scored 130 more runs than they have conceded and only if they lose to West Indies by 87 runs and Sri Lanka beats India by 68 runs, that the Aussies will have an inferior run-rate than the above two.

West Indies (Played: 2, Won: 1, Lost: 1, RR: -1.075)

The hosts are back in contention after their win over India but Chris Gayle and company have an inferior run rate than that of Sri Lanka. They will go through directly if they beat the Aussies and Sri Lanka lose. But if Sri Lanka win, then they would have to beat Australia by a margin that puts them ahead of the Lankans. Irrespective of any scenario, they can’t lose their match against Australia, or else they will not make it to the semis.

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