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Adobe Flash And Air Officially Announced For Android

Yes, the next iteration of Android will be ready to go with Flash. Good news if you have a Android device, bad news if you’ve got an iPhone, perhaps…

The information about the update was disclosed by VP of engineering for Google, Andy Rubin, in an interview to The New York Times . Rubin was asked, when Android would overtake the iPhone and BlackBerry sales figures, Mr. Rubin commented: “I don’t know when it might be, but I’m confident it will happen. Open usually wins.” Of course he’s referring to the fact that Android is open source, which means it’s free and easy to access for phone companies.

Andy Rubin was originally tight lipped about the whole thing when he first revealed that the new OS version will have native support for Adobe’s Flash and AIR features. Considering the array of Flash content on the internet, there is certain to be a large degree of demand for the latest version of the Android OS.

Well Rubin sounds very confident and who wouldn’t be as Android’s Flash support will attract many net savvy customers eager to use the internet for browsing more complicated Flash-enabled webpages and we know of course it will not work with the iPhone.

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