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Vodafone says already launched App Stores in India

With its competitors announcing big plans for App Stores initiative, Vodafone Essar claims that it has already launched its App Stores in India on February 15, 2010.

Branded as Vodafone Mobile Applications Store, the operator claims to have clocked over 10,000 downloads from these App Stores. Presently it offers over 800 applications covering entertainment, utility, finance, social networking, games.

The company has categorized its Apps as Newest Apps, Top Apps and Just for You Apps offering customized set of applications as per consumer’s preference with ‘tabbed browsing’. A search engine simplifies the the process of locating the right Apps for users.

Users keen to avail the App Stores can send a SMS to APP to 111 (toll free) and also access the store through the portal Vodafone live! by clicking a link on the home page. Over 15% of applications are available free of charge while the majority of paid applications are priced in the range of Rs. 5 to Rs. 30. Kumar Ramanathan, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Essar said,

“We are delighted to launch the Vodafone Mobile application store which combines an array of facilities for our customers including easy access to information, utilities and entertainment. The mobile applications are affordable and a significant step forward in the growth of mobile data and the future of Mobile internet in India.”

The new business initiative has been launched in partnership with digital content player, Arvato Mobile.

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