Review – Porkalam

Production: T Bhaskara Rao
Direction: Bandi Saroj Kumar
Star-casts: Kishore Kumar, Sathyan, Smitha, Lal, Biju Menon, Pon Vannan, Santhana Bharathy , Teenu Anand and others
Music: Rohit Kulkarni
Cinematography: Mahendran, Deva, Devaraj

Kishore Kumar, Sathyan, Smitha, Lal, Biju Menon, Pon Vannan, Santhana Bharathy , Teenu Anand and others

What if a film is made with best technical arenas while it lags from what is called perfection with narrative aspects? Watch ‘Porkalam’ and you’ll know the results.

Newcomer Bandi Saroj Kumar excels well with his execution of best camera angles and innovative technical establishments in Tamil Cinema. To be sure, none of the filmmakers had attempted for such endeavors before. But ‘Porkalam’ suffers a lot during second half as it lets audiences irksomely bounded with an unconvincing screenplay.

Nothing special to mention about the story….

When the desolated Sneha (Smitha) elopes from Lanka in Andhra to Chennai unbearable to a cruel goon (Sampath) urging to marry her, she finds herself safe under Karnan (Kishore Kumar) and his cook Sathya (Sathyan). Later as Sneha reveals her soft corner to Kishore, he cannot afford to let her stay in his home. He lets her under the control of police station from where the goon and his henchmen take her back to Andhra…

When Sathyan looses his nerves out on frustration, it’s revealed that Karnan is a blind person.

Can he make his way to Lanka and save Sneha forms crux of the story?

On the performance level, Kishore excels with a best show. Nothing to blame on his part: be his gestures, body language and style of articulating the dialogues with excellence, he strikes with a praiseworthy act. But Sneha doesn’t get more scope to establish her character. Sathyan does a fantastic job while Biju Menon is perfect. Teenu Anand scares you with his terrifying makeovers while Sampath and Lal could’ve got yet more importance.

Musical score by Rohit Kulkarni is over-the-top. He has actually defined how background music would sound. Unlike other music directors, who keep blasting down our decibels, he stands apart. The cinematographers have marked a new-fangled visuals with this film and they’ll be the most happening technicians in mere future.

Bandi Saroj Kumar fails to engross the audiences in second half as the script is poorly crafted and so much dark tones with continuous edits like montages annoys us badly.

On the whole, ‘Porkalam’ is a film that has technical excellence, but a pathetic screenplay.

Bottom – line: Violence, gore…..

Verdict: Watch it if you must.

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