Nanayam – Movie Review

-Prasanna, Sibiraj, Ramya

MovieNanayam Director – Sakthi S Rajan Music – James Vasanthan Cast -Prasanna, Sibiraj, Ramya

Style is good if there is substance. After seeing the hype around Nanayam, one anticipated a cracker of a thriller. Alas, it turns out to be a run of the mill assembly line thriller, particularly post interval.

The film is enticing in the beginning, but as the story opens up, there are far too many loopholes in the plot. We plunge right into the life and times of Ravi (Prasanna), an electronics engineer who designed the vaults of the “world’s safest bank” and wants to become an entrepreneur and has applied for a loan from the same bank. Viswanath (SPB) the CEO of the bank who helped Ravi to get the job, rejects his application.

Meanwhile Ravi meets Nandini (Ramya) a journalist and in the very first meeting gets smitten by her. Nandini claims to be a divorcee, and after spending a night with her on the beach on reaching home he finds a stranger sitting in his home and dictating terms to him. He also finds Nandini’s ex-husbands body in the dickey of his car!
The stranger who comes into his life is Fareed (Sibiraj) who blackmails him as he shows him photographs about Ravi’s involvement in the murder of Nandini’s ex- husband. The way out offered by Fareed to Ravi is that he should help him rob the bank whose security system he set up, as he has his own axe to grind against Viswanath.
The trouble with the film etched from the 2008 English film The Bank Job, is that the suspense elements are revealed early in the second half. How can an intelligent guy like the hero of the film not realize that he is being taken for a sucker ride by his lady love? The way Nandini dances her way through laser beams is laughable. Songs are a major distraction in the film, and it pops up every 15 minutes.
Prasanna as the nice guy in a bad situation is impressive and carries the show, while Sibiraj as the mean bad man is a revelation. Ramya and Yasmin are their mostly for the songs. The music of James Vasanthan is a major let down. Let us hope that director Sakthi S Rajan takes a little more care on his scripts and churns out the perfect thriller in future.

Verdict- Thriller with no suspense!

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