Happy Birthday Google,Turns 11

google 11 logo

Why does “Google” have two “l”s in its name today?
Most likely, the site is recognizing its 11th birthday, because clicking on the altered “Googlle” — or is it “Goog11e” — logo links to a search page containing a number of subtle references to the 11-year milestone.

Not only does the search page’s URL contain the element “11th_birthday” within its name, but the first result on that page, headlined “Google,” contains the term “Google’s 11th Birthday.”

Clicking on that first result takes you back to the Google home page.

So is today the actual birthday? That may not be quite so simple to nail down.

The corporate history says Google has sometimes marked both Sept. 7 and Sept. 27 — today — as its birthday.

Sept. 4 also has been bandied about as a birthday of sorts — connecting as it does to a fairly mundane event in Google’s history. On Sept. 4, 1998, the company filed papers establishing it as a California corporation.

Google gave up on the specifics a few years ago and posted a page saying, “Google opened its doors in September 1998. The exact date when we celebrate our birthday has moved around over the years, depending on when people feel like having cake.” News Credit :

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