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Move From Cloud Confusion To Cloud Clarity in November

Cloud Computing Changes Everything! Come To Santa Clara
and Explore Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Environments

Go From Cloud Confusion To Cloud Clarity November 2-4, 2009

Golden Pass Attendees Receive
Full Conference Access to Both Events!

Cloud Computing changes everything.

Whether you’re an individual, a cloud infrastructure provider, a cloud service provider, an ISV, a system integrator, and/or whether you’re an Enterprise or are in Government, you already know that while some organizations may still think that Virtualization and Cloud Computing won’t affect them, it will. If they use any form of IT infrastructure, it has to.

Join us at our 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, which is co-located with the 7th International Virtualization Conference & Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center, November 2-4, 2009, and you will have a chance to explore all aspects of the cloud paradigm – Internal, Private, Public and Hybrid cloud environments.

We have lined up over 100 breakout and general sessions for you, given by experts in bringing the economics of the Web to enterprise IT, and there’s also a 2-day Expo Floor aimed at giving you the chance to follow up immediately with some of the industry’s leading providers from the main layers of the Cloud ecosystem – the infrastructure players, the platform providers, and those offering Cloud-based applications.

A new keynote each day, seven parallel tracks, three "Power Panels" and a Cloud Computing Bootcamp that’s included free with your Golden Pass…if you use any form of IT infrastructure you truly can’t afford to be anywhere else November 2-4, 2009 than at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I look forward to welcoming you to our 4th Cloud Expo in person!

Jeremy Geelan
Conference Chair

Three Keynotes from Three Industry Thought Leaders

Rich%20Marcello%20Unisys_0_0_0.jpgDAY ONE – November 2, 2009
The Time is Right for Enterprise Cloud Computing

by Richard Marcello, President of Systems & Technology, Unisys

Shelton+Shugar+Yahoo%21%20226_0_0.jpgDAY TWO: November 3, 2009
Cloud Computing Services at the Scale of the Internet
by Shelton Shugar, SVP Cloud Computing at Yahoo!
Richard%20Sarwal%203_0.jpgDAY THREE: November 4, 2009
Cloud Computing: Separating Hype from Reality

by Richard Sarwal, SVP of Development for Oracle Enterprise Manager

twitter_logo_s.png We’re proud to be bringing you more than 100 technical breakout sessions, general sessions and discussion panels in Santa Clara. All in addition to the 2-day Expo Hall. Below we bring you a selection of the technical- and strategy-focused sessions we have on offer November 2-4. If additionally you’d like to follow the event on Twitter then you can do so right away today by clicking on the Twitter logo to the left.

4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo
7th International Virtualization Conference & Expo

Upcoming Sessions Will Include…

Michael%20Salsburg_0_0.jpg Hosting your Application in a Cloud Dr Michael A. Salsburg – Chief Architect for Real Time Infrastructures & Cloud Computing, Unisys– This session will discuss a wide range of critical questions that arises when considering hosting applications in the cloud. Jeff%20Nick_1_0.jpg CTO Power Panel: Where’s the Cloud Headed Next? Jeff Nick – Sr. VP & CTO, EMC– This fast-moving industry discussion panel will feature a start-studded lineup of Cloud executives, who will be looking at where Cloud Computing is headed next? /em>
Lewis_Cirne_Headshot_highres_0_0.jpg To Stop the Cloud Blame Storm, You Must See Inside the Running Cloud Application

Lew Cirne – Founder & CEO, New Relic– In this session you will see how today’s revolutionary on-demand tools can help you whether you use or provide cloud services.

Jason%20Noel_0.jpg You Have a Virtualized Environment, Now What Do You Do? Jason Noel – Leader, IT Management Advisory Services, Unisys – This session will provide insight and guidance on best practices to consider as you evaluate your options for transforming your traditional data center to a virtualized environment.
Ken_Gardner_100.jpg CTO Power Panel: Where’s the Cloud Headed Next? Ken Gardner – Executive Chairman, SOASTA– This fast-moving industry discussion panel will feature a start-studded lineup of Cloud executives, who will be looking at where Cloud Computing is headed next? tomkilroy_0_0.jpg Transforming Business Models, Architectures, and Usage

Tom Kilroy – VP & GM, Digital Enterprise Group, Intel– This session will focus on various examples in the consumer, SMB and large enterprise markets and the transformational efforts these firms employ to harness the power of cloud and deliver new performance in business.

Ellen%20Rubin%20NEW_1_0.jpg Enterprise Cloud Computing Gets Real: Case Studies & Application Use Cases Ellen Rubin – Founder & Vice-President,CloudSwitch– This session will review how software appliances can help enterprises surmount these obstacles such as data security, application re-architecture, poor integration with the data center and lock-in to cloud providers. Surenda%20Reddy_0.jpg Accelerating Innovation with Yahoo! Cloud Serving Surenda Reddy-Vice President, Cloud Serving Infrastructure Engineering, Yahoo! – This session will elaborate on Yahoo! Cloud Serving Platform architecture and how it leverages virtualization technologies to simplify and automate our service delivery.
Jamal%20Mazhar_0_0_0.jpgApplication Infrastructure and Middleware on Demand Jamal Mazhar – Founder & CEO, Kaavo – Using a customer case study this session will discuss how the configuration of middleware and deployment and run-time management of custom application can be fully automated. Sudhir%20Kulkarni_1_0_0.jpg Application Infrastructure and Middleware on Demand Sudhir Kulkarni – CTO, SellPoint – Using a customer case study this session will discuss how the configuration of middleware and deployment and run-time management of custom application can be fully automated.
K%20S%20Bhaskar_0.jpg A New Role in the Cloud for a Tried and Tested Schemaless Database K S Bhaskar – VP, Fidelity National Information Services – This session will discuss how schemaless database technologies are now emerging as important and highly functional engines on which to build Cloud services. Willie%20Tejada_0_0.jpgApplication Delivery Networks & Cloud Computing Willie M. Tejada – Vice President, Application and Site Acceleration, Akamai Technologies– How providers of on-demand computing resources and applications can leverage ADN technologies to keep data-center build-out to a minimum while simultaneously addressing Internet delivery issues.
Ric%20Telford_0_0.jpgHow the CIO Becomes a Hero Again Ric Telford – Vice President IBM Cloud Services – This session will provide a perspective on Cloud Computing’s future and illustrates how the CIO can appropriately leverage Cloud to become the hero again Agatha%20Poon_0.gifBridging the Gap Between Public Clouds and Private Clouds Agatha Poon – Sr. Analyst, Yankee Group – This session will identify key operational imperatives including location, regulatory support, security, and interoperability that help shaping a scalable, global cloud infrastructure.
Victoria_Livschitz_0.jpgMoving HPC Apps to the Cloud: The Practitioner’s Perspective Victoria Livschitz – Founder & CEO, Grid Dynamics Consulting Services – This session will examine several types of HPC applications deployed on various clouds, and discuss the challenged and opportunities typical of grid deployments on the cloud. Jeff%20Treuhaft_0_0.jpgHosting Primary Data in the Cloud Jeff Treuhaft – CEO & Co-Founder,Zetta – This session will explore the features that enterprises rely on to deliver required data performance and how, when and if those features can be delivered cost-effectively in cloud service offerings.
Trisha%20Gross_1.jpgLeveraging Cloud-Based Integration To Increase Customer Loyalty, Retention and RevenuesTrisha Gross – President and CEO, Hubspan – This session will provide real world examples of how companies use cloud-based integration to achieve business process automation with customer-related processes. Charlton%20Barreto_0.jpgThe Rich Services Cloud Charlton Barreto – Principal Architect, Intel. – This session will discuss how companies can develop and deploy Rich Services Cloud applications on premise or in the Cloud, enhancing the user experience like never before.
Jeremiah%20Grossman_0_0.pngTop Cloud Computing Security Risks Jeremiah Grossman – Founder & CTO, WhiteHat Security – In this session Jeremiah Grossman will draw from the latest WhiteHat Security Website Security Statistics Report to introduce the most prevalent software flaws putting data at risk in the cloud. R_Ramakrishnan_100.jpg Building Scalable and Extensible RIAs on Windows Azure Ranjith Ramakrishnan – Co-Founder & CTO,Cumulux – In this session delegates will learn how to build scalable and extensible RIAs on the Windows Azure Cloud. The session will cover enabling rich and complete User Experience customizations andaddressing multi-tenant requirements.
Simon%20Crosby%20226_0_0.jpgHow the Delivery of Virtualization is Being TransformedSimon Crosby – CTO, Citrix Systems – This session will provide IT organizations with a short- and long-term roadmap by focusing on the new delivery models for virtualization. C_Barclay_100.jpgVirtual Infrastructure: What is Required for the Cloud? Chris Barclay – Director of Product Management, Oracle – This session will examine virtualization considerations such as workload availability, performance, and integration with enterprise systems.
S_Datta_100.jpgThe Enterprise Private Cloud: From Infrastructure to Applications Sudip Datta – Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle– This session will discuss how to extend cloud computing beyond infrastructure to enterprise applications. T_Bishop_100.jpg Understanding the Relationship between Workloads and the Cloud Tony Bishop – CEO, Adaptivity– This session will answer the question: How does business successfully operate IT as a service?
M_Piller_100.jpg Rich Internet Applications in the Cloud – A Match Made in Heaven Mark Piller – Founder & Chief Architect , Midnight Coders – In this session attendees will learn about the specifics of RIA deployments into a Cloud infrastructure to enable connectivity with Flex, Flash, Silverlight and AJAX types of clients. K%20S%20Bhaskar_0.jpgA New Role in the Cloud for a Tried and Tested Schemaless Database K S Bhaskar – Fidelity National Information Services– This session will discuss how schemaless database technologies are now emerging as important and highly functional engines on which to build Cloud services.
A_Hodler_100.jpg User Virtualization for Dynamic VDI and Personalized Virtual Desktops

Amy Hodler – Director of Product Management, Tranxition – This session will discuss how to use best practices for bringing your users’ personalized environments along to a VDI environment so you can achieve the cost benefits of VDI without imposing major disruption and lost productivity on your user base.

jmsmall.jpgMigrating Collaborative Applications to the Cloud Jeff Miller – Director of Professional Services, Cloud Sherpas– This highly informative and interactive session will both explore and provide answers to the key questions that your organization should consider before moving to the Cloud,
SYS-CON.TV_ThorstenVonEicken_0.jpgMy Cloud, Your Cloud, Our Cloud Thorsten Von Eicken – Co-Founder & CTO, RightScale – This session will provide guidance on when and how to use public, private and hybrid clouds, using real-world examples. Krishna%20Subramanian%20placeholder_0.jpgShifting Clouds: How the Cloud Landscape is Evolving Krishna Subramanian – Sr. Director Cloud Strategy, Sun Microsystems– This session will provide a framework to classify the various cloud offerings, and will explore how solutions are evolving.
Eric%20Baldeschwieler_0_0.jpgHadoop @ Yahoo – Internet Scale Data ProcessingEric Baldeschwieler – VP Hadoop Software Development, Yahoo! – This session will explain what the Yahoo! distribution of Hadoop is and how it benefits the larger cloud ecosystem, including major use-cases for Hadoop @ Yahoo! ChristopheBisciglia_0_0.jpgWorking with Big Data and HadoopChristophe Bisciglia – Co-Founder at Cloudera– This session will highlight the technical and business issues that make Hadoop so powerful for large scale data processing.
Brian%20Boruff_0.gifOrchestration in the Cloud Brian E. Boruff – VP of Cloud Computing & Software Services, CSC

– This session looks at how organizations with data and computing in the public and private cloud need to orchestrate processing, and recover the processing visibility necessary for the creation of digital trust.

GlennBrunette.jpgCloud Security – It’s Nothing New; It Changes Everything!Glenn Brunette – Chief Security Architect, Sun–This session cuts through the hype and sharpens our focus on what security means for cloud computing and other elastic, hyper-scale architectures.
P_Coffee_100.jpgDeveloping Advantage: Platform Leverage in the CloudPeter Coffee – Director of Platforms, Salesforce – This session will discuss alternative development experiences in various enterprise clouds and will highlight opportunities to combine their strengths in distinctive applications. S_Elliot_100.jpgCloud Management: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You Stephen Elliott – Vice President of Strategy, CA– This session will discuss what customers should consider when buying services from a cloud computing partner including the most important management processes and capabilities that matter to SLAs.
Lars%20Ewe_1_0.gifSecurity in the Cloud: Protecting Your Cloud Apps Lars Ewe – CTO & VP of Engineering, Cenzic/span>–This session will address the Top 5 things you can do to protect your data and applications that run on the web and in the cloud and prevent security breaches. Irfan%20Khan%20100_0.jpgDeveloping Successful Cloud Strategies By Evaluating Data Infrastructure Demands Irfan Khan – CTO, Sybase– This session will asses the various classes of applications (transactional, analytical, mobile) within your infrastructure and discuss how data infrastructure delivered as a service impacts business-critical information delivery.
Kevin%20L%20Jackson%20100.jpgTactical Cloud ComputingKevin Jackson – Vice President, Dataline– This session will discuss the use of cloud computing technology and techniques for the support of localized and short-lived information access and processing requirements, including Cloudbursting. Steve%20Lesem_0.jpgThe Profit Model for Cloud Computing Steve Lesem – President & CEO, Mezeo Software–This session will examine why the concept of ‘trust’ is so essential and why it’s the Cloud providers who have trusting relationships with customers that will triumph in the end.
M_Ingram_100.jpgDelivering Desktop Virtualization Martin Ingram – Vice President of Product Strategy, AppSense– This session will explore how by virtualizing hardware, applications and the user personality you can deliver a familiar working environment for users while simplifying management of the desktop estate. Chuck%20Neerdaels_0.jpgY! Scalable Storage and Delivery ServicesChuck Neerdaels – VP Content Storage, Delivery and Edge, Yahoo!–This session will talk about Yahoo!’s Cloud Storage and Delivery stack and how it is purpose-built to solve the business and technical challenges of Internet-scale computing.
L_Nagues_100.jpgCloud & SaaS Proponents: Know Your Enemies! Louis Nauges – President, Revevoltr–This session will discuss why so many CIOs and IT professionals think Cloud Comptuing and SaS is a threat to their careers and their power. David_Snead100.jpgNegotiating the Virtual/Grid/Cloud Legal Minefield David Snead – Attorney-at-Law, W. David Snead, P.C.–This session will address the legal, business and marketing issues of involved in moving into Cloud services, and what anyone entering into a new contract, or marketing to end users needs to know.
Monica%20Lam_0_0.jpgTechnologies for Virtualization-Based Desktop ManagementDr Monica Lam – Professor, Stanford University–This session will describe a new approach to complete desktop management, allowing corporate IT to completely control the desktop including the operating system. christoferhoff_0.jpgA Virtualization and Cloud Computing Security Fable Christofer Hoff – Director, Cloud & Virtualization Solution, Cisco –This session will discuss the realities of both Virtualization and Cloud Computing security and how to deal with the things that don’t change and also the things that do profoundly.
PeterThawley.jpgVirtualizing Resources in Production Database SystemsPeter Thawley – Senior Director/Architect, Sybase–This session will cover technical details behind virtualization techniques utilized in Enterprise database systems which go beyond server virtualization. S_Hanna_100.jpgTrusted Computing for Virtualization SecuritySteve Hanna – Co-Chair, Trusted Computing Group–This session will address the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which is included in virtually all enterprise PCs and many servers and how it can be used for virtualized security.
hezimoore-100.jpgPolicy Enforcement in the Virtualized Data CenterHezi Moore – Sr. Founder & CTO, Reflex Systems–This session will identify the top three challenges enterprises face when it comes to enforcing policies and outline best practices to control and audit change in policy rules across both the virtual and physical infrastructure. Scott%20Hammond_0.jpgManaging Sprawl and Self-Service for Virtual MachinesScott Hammond – President & CEO, newScale–This session will explain how to use a Service Catalog of standard options to enable self-service requests while enforcing pre-approved VM images, stop dates, and policy controls.
Tim_160_0.jpgCloud Computing as a Strategy: Enabling IT’s Evolutionary Change Tim Crawford – CIO & Vice President of Strategy, Vivo – This session will deconstruct cloud computing into the true value proposition: enhanced flexibility and ultimate alignment with the business. AlanWillliamsonNEW_1_0.jpgCloud Computing BootcampAlan Williamson – Editor-in-Chief, Cloud Computing Journal– Williamson will be repeating (on November 3, 2009) his ever-popular all-day Cloud Computing Bootcamp, to which Golden Pass delegates receive free admission.
robtweed-100.jpgA New Role in the Cloud for a Tried and Tested Schemaless Database Rob Tweed – Co-Founder & MD, M/Gateway – This session will discuss how schemaless database technologies are now emerging as important and highly functional engines on which to build Cloud services. Timothy%20Brown_0_0.jpgSecuring the Cloud and Establishing a Level of Trust Tim Brown – VP & Security Architect, CA – This session will address security needs for cloud computing, including all aspects of the cloud paradigm ¬ Internal, Private, Public and Hybrid cloud environments.
Matias%20Bagini_0_0.jpgMoving Your RIA Apps into the Cloud: 7 Challenges Matias Bagini – CEO of JRapid Corp – This session will discuss the many challenges you will face if you want to move your RIA apps into the SaaS model including multitenancy, clustering, robustness, mashups, security, productivity and multi-browser programming. Kevin%20Noonan_1_0.jpgCannibalizing Google App Engine Kevin Noonan – Software Developer , Calbane – This session will show delegates how to use Google App Engine by dismembering its computing resources and consuming each of them them in isolation.
Jonathan%20Trevor_0_0.jpgYahoo! Query Language – YQL: select * from internet Jonathan Trevor – Technical Yahoo!, Yahoo! – This session will showcase the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) – an expressive SQL-like language that lets you query, filter and join data across Web services in real-time . Kevin%20Piper_0_0.jpgRevolutionizing Security Through Virtualization Kevin Piper – Director of Technical Operations, Altor Networks– This session will present case study examples shared of defense and civilian agencies that have virtualized their production environment with enterprise-call virtualization servers.
Stephen%20Dekker_0.jpgBringing Cloud Computing Down to Earth with Ultra Low-Cost Endpoints Stephen Dukker – Chairman & CEO, NComputing– This session will examine how new-generation virtualization technologies have evolved and how companies are utilizing it to create new kinds of computing and services. Javier_soltero.JPGTop Infrastructure Headaches When Managing Applications in the Cloud Javier Soltero – CTO of Management Products, SpringSource– This session will address some of the biggest challenges in creating and launching successful web applications with little to no down time.
W_Wat_100.jpgCloud Computing Drives Real World Enterprise IT Value Watson Wat – VP of Technology/CTO Oracle On Demand– This session will assess current and future cloud capabilities relative to mainstream enterprise IT requirements and help real world enterprises better understand how best they can leverage cloud computing. Bhushan%20Nene_0_0.jpgBuilding Scalable and Extensible RIAs on Windows AzureBhushan Nene – Principal Architect, Platform Evangelism, Microsoft – In this session delegates will learn how to build scalable and extensible RIAs on the Windows Azure Cloud. The session will cover enabling rich and complete User Experience customizations and addressing multi-tenant requirements.
M_Kermani_100.jpgDoes Enterprise-Class Cloud Storage Really Exist? Moe Kermani – CEO and President, Bycast – This session will discuss the required infrastructure components to deliver an enterprise-class Cloud storage service that is fully supported by service level agreements. Charley%20Moore_0_0.jpgLaw in the Cloud – How Lawyers and Clients Both Benefit Charley Moore – Founder & CEO, RocketLawyer.com– This session will examine how cloud computing is enabling lawyers to practice law online, while making it easier and more affordable for consumers and small business owners to get legal things done.
C_Bahar_100.jpgCloud Storage – Cutting Through the Hype Cameron Bahar – Founder & CTO, ParaScale– This session will detail cloud storage customer examples and the benefits using real-world use cases complete with lessons learned and best practices. Tony%20Langenstein_0_0.jpg Case Study: Disaster Recovery in the Storage Cloud

Tony Langenstein – Director of Infrastructure, Iowa Health System– This session will share lessons learned from delivering private cloud storage services to its state-wide constituents including 11 hospitals and 130+ clinics.


Attend Full-Day Cloud Bootcamp FREE With Your Expo Plus Bootcamp Registration!

Cloud Computing gives businesses access to robust IT infrastructure and the latest applications without having to bear the high costs of ownership and maintenance. But what’s actually involved in moving to a cloud infrastructure? In this compelling one-day, hands-on training program, you’ll learn just what it takes to take full advantage of the Cloud. Join fellow delegates as Alan Williamson, Web entrepreneur and Editor-in-Chief of Cloud Computing Journal, uses his expertise to lead you through Cloud Computing Bootcamp on November 3, 2009 with configuration samples, live demos and working setups.

Seats are limited to the first 500 attendees so Register Today for Cloud Computing Bootcamp to secure your spot!

2nd International Cloud Computing Conference Expo Floor attracted more than 1,300 delegates in three days!


4th International Virtualization Conference & Expo General Session, November 2008, San Jose, CA

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