Social Media is a Contact Sport

Every now and then I come across people who lament their small following on Twitter, lack of comments on Facebook, and low number of connections on LinkedIn. Yet, these same people don’t post tweets, update their status, comment on blogs, nor make an effort to network with professional connections. 3111216824_a98fcff52e Think of social media as a contact sport that requires energy. Merely sitting on the bench does not make allstars. As with any sport, the rewards are reaped after much practice and some effort.

So, go out there and participate in the conversations. Here are just some suggestions to help you get started:

On Twitter

Follow people and some will follow you.

  • Use Twitter Search to look for folks with interests relevant to you
  • Follow bloggers who interest you
  • Follow some friends of your followers
  • Follow who your followers follow

Ask questions

  • One of the most useful words around is “help.”

Help others

  • Take the opportunity to help someone solve a problem.

On Facebook

  • Post status updates
  • Comment on friends’ status updates
  • Wish someone “Happy Birthday.”

On LinkedIn

  • Post status updates
  • Comment on your connections’ status updates
  • Join LinkedIn groups
  • Join discussions and post useful information
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader by answering questions posted on LinkedIn’s Answers section.

The key to social media success is participating in the conversations. Reach out to others and they might surprise you. Go on. Get off the bench, out of the sidelines, and join in!

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