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Get invitation to try Yahoo! Meme microblogging service

Twitter might be the best microblogging service in town so far, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t have room for more. All we need is a microblogging platform with a much better design, user-interface and posting features and we are all sold to it. That’s where the new Yahoo! Meme jumps in to meet our expectations.

Yahoo - Meme
Yahoo – Meme

Not much can be said about Yahoo! Meme for now except that it looks like one of those Yahoo! services which actually may manage to live for long (really! it happens rare). On the guts, its basically a Twitter wannabe with posting features like those of Tumblr.

The concept is mainly the same as that of Twitter, users get a dedicated profile page where they are able to post updates, although in this case the updates are not just point-less text babble but also photos, videos and even music which puts it at an upper level to Twitter in terms of usability.

The dashboard is where you receive updates from the people you follow (Oh Yes! the Follow culture extends here as well). Also to post any updates, you must categorize it as text, photo, video, or music first. Much like Twitter again, users are also able to select a design for their profile.



Search trends are no where to be seen in Yahoo! Meme yet, probably because there isn’t a search feature at all. And if you are wondering whether you will be able to ‘Retweet’ a posted update from a friend, Yes! but it will be called a ‘Repost’ instead.

Personally! I like the interface
and design of Yahoo! Meme so far but I wouldn’t give up Twitter for it since you never know when Yahoo! decides to shut down the service as it has done so with its past web-services. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind using it casually for posting photos and videos since that is one thing that Twitter still does not have support for.

The service is invitation only, we have 30 invites for our readers. Shoot a comment and tell us what you think about the service and we will send you an invite to try it out and those already using the service can Follow me here.

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