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Google apologizes, explains Gmail outage

Matthew Borghese – AHN Editor

New York, NY (AHN) – Google’s popular, free e-mail service Gmail suffered an gmail_crashes313outage on Tuesday, prompting more questions about “cloud computing” at a time when the Internet search giant is trying to wean users off of their desktop workspace.

A technical error during a routine maintenance overloaded some servers on Tuesday, leaving users high and dry, according to Google Vice President of Engineering and Gmail “Site Reliability Czar” Ben Treynor.

The outage is a blow to Google, who is fighting a battle against Microsoft and others as it hopes to get more users to access and store more data online, versus on their own hard drives. With online office programs like Google Apps, the world’s leading search engine is taking aim at Microsoft’s popular Office suite. Google has also developed a web browser and operating system, which look to displace Microsoft’s famous Internet Explorer and Windows.

While Google touts the collaborative capacity of keeping business documents online, when there is a server outage like what was seen on Tuesday, there is no way to access that data. Still, unlike a hard drive crash or computer theft, no data stored by Google was lost yesterday – and the company is quick to admit fault.

“We know how many people rely on Gmail for personal and professional communications, and we take it very seriously when there’s a problem with the service,” Treynor said in a statement. “Thus, right up front, I’d like to apologize to all of you – today’s outage was a Big Deal,and we’re treating it as such. We’ve already thoroughly investigated what happened, and we’re currently compiling a list of things we intend to fix or improve as a result of the investigation.

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