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Aadhavan Trailer & Songs Review

This is something never expected from the great music director Harris Jayaraj. The recent audio release of ‘Aadhavan’ turned spotlights of entire town to heed for the melodies. However, soon after hearing, the masses were enraged as Harris Jayaraj had loosely inserted his old own compositions. It’s more illustrious with ‘Hasiliye Fisiliye’ that is nothing but ‘Ada Gada’ from Satyam and ‘Oh Mohalai’ from ‘Arasaaktchi’. ‘Vaarayo’ reminds us off nothing but ‘Un Sirpinil’ from Pacchaikili Muthucharam and ‘Nenje Nenje’ from Ayan.

Earlier, Harris Jayaraj used to add the words from Christian prayer songs…. The exemplification lies with ‘Mudhal Naal Indru’ from ‘Unnale Unnale’ where you will hear ‘Hosanna…Hosanna’. Likewise, the song ‘Oru Maalai’ from ‘Ghajini’ has ‘Alleluia’…

Well, the ‘Minnale’ song – Vaseegara was nothing but a strong base of A.R. Rahman’s ‘Pudhu Vellai Malai’ as we hear the instrumental on flute.

Watch the Aadhavan Trailer.

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