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Review :
After Pokkiri, Prabhu Deva and Vijay are back with ‘Villu’ a ‘Power pack Pongal’ for Vijay Fans. Vijay Fans in USA are thrilled to taste the feast two days prior to release in India. After two not so good movies such as ATM and Kuruvi, Vijay is back in form. As a rigid formula everyone in the theatre expect only a Mass entertainer from ‘Pugazh’-Vijay, and Prabhu Deva has done his best to maintain all the elements needed to give a complete Vijay movie – with super hero intro, romance ,comedy, several fights, item songs and finally hero wins over the baddies.


Hero Pugazh (Vijay) is introduced as a local area super hero who is the savior of poor and the needy. He acts as a Villu (arrow) of a senior Police officer Manoj K Jain and follows his instructions secretly. In his mission he targets international Dadas and as a part of the mission he makes love to Jhanvi (Nayantara), who as expected is the Main Dada Prakash Raj’s daughter. Who is Pughazh and why is he back of these dadas is revealed slowly following a flash back in the second half. Director has succeeded in keeping the suspense till the end. Though there are logical flaws here and there, story falls in place.

First half rocks the theater and major credit goes to Vaigai puyal Vadivelu. He tickles us every time he appears on the screen and especially his Nakka Mukka dance in front of Swiss Police is highly comical. Only Kids can enjoy his fight with the graphic cow. Nayanthara chills the screen now and then, its high time she start doing something than a regular heroine shouting at the hero and showing recession in costumes. She is the same in all her recent movies. Mam try to act for a change!

Devi Sri Prasad rocks the floor in ‘Jalsa’ and ‘Nee Kova Pattal’ is nice to hear and to see. He could have worked more on BGM as they don’t sync with the movie, rather sounds too bold at unwanted places. ‘Vaada Maapla’ and item song ‘Daddy Mummy’ is gonna be sizzling in channels for the following days for sure. ‘Dheem Thanana Thillana’ is a good dance number and ‘Rama Rama’ is a typical Vijay intro song meant to bring out josh in his fans, Prabhu Deva shows his mark in all songs and Vijay has proved that he is no less a dancer than the director. Kudos to the Choreographers! Kushboo and Prabhu Deva’s special appearance in the song adds spice. Villian Prakash Raj fails to impress and has been wasted.

Ravi Varman’s Camera has beautifully captured Zurich in songs and fight sequences are amazing. Prabhu Deva has brilliantly capitalized the talents of Ravi. Only one or two dialogues like ‘Enakku pottukudukka theriyadhu, Poda thaan theriyum’ pin the mind while others fly no where.


Villu has an entertaining first half, flash back in the second half is totally hindi ‘Soldier’ with added Tamil senti facts. Major Vijay, logic less Blue Ray Disc sequences, Drunk Nayanthara and no different villain Prakash Raj make the movie lag. Vijay imitates Superstar in some scenes which look very obvious and repetitive. Hero Vijay, song sequences, Cinematography and Vadivelu make ‘Villu’ a pretty good entertainer.

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